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How to Find Lil Wayne Type Beats

So are you looking for some inspiration in your beat creation process? Making beats is an art. It is quite similar to playing an instrument or writing a song only that you do not need to know how to play instruments or use words in a poetic way. In beat making, you only need to have a rich appreciation of music and you know how to mix them in a way that will appeal to other people.

But creating good beats is never a walk in the park. You may need to gather inspiration for your previous works or from key artists. You need to do this so you are familiar with what types of beats work and what beats do not. Maybe this is the reason why you are looking for lil wayne type beats.

Who is Lil Wayne?

But first, a little background on Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne's real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. He is a well known American rapper who had made it big at the fresh age of 9. From there, he managed to make it through Cash Money Records and became the youngest member there. He then expanded his music by joining a group called Hot Boys in 1997. In here, he managed to rub elbows with fellow rappers, Young Turk, B.G. and Juvenile. This painted his success as he is able to release his Platinum album called Tha Block is Hot.

The Search for Lil Wayne Beats

But before you go searching for some Lil Wayne beats, I advise that you take the time to listen to his songs. His songs have beats too. You will do better by logging on YouTube and searching for his videos. Listen to how he create his songs and see how you get inspired.

And if you cannot find the right beat to be inspired, conduct a search online. There are a lot of beats that Lil Wayne uses for his music. Some of which are that created by Dr. Dre. There are even Dr. Dre headphones available that contains some of the greatest beats that successful rappers use for their music. You can either look for some beats created by Dr. Dre or purchase these headphones for your own inspiration.

Just remember that you will be searching for Lil Wayne Beats in your quest to gain inspiration for your beats. You should not copy it. Instead, it should just give you an idea on what type of beats rappers are looking for. Do not copy it or you will have to face copyright issues from its creators.

There is a reason why people like Lil Wayne beats. It allows them to move to the groove and it also spices up a rap song. Aside from being successful at a very young age, his music simply rocks. So if you want to really make it big in the beat making industry, start by creating awesome beats. These lil wayne type beats should be able to satisfy what your market is looking for.

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